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‘Geurwolkje’ Review: Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier

‘Geurwolkje’ Review: Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier

Today I am reviewing a fun little device. Something that makes life at home a little more relaxing, cozy and a bit boho. It also looks great in basically any interior style.

It spreads scents, humidifies the air, creates a subtle and calming noise AND can be used as an atmospheric light. I am talking about the multifunctional aroma diffuser from Geurwolkje.

Fun fact: Geurwolkje is a Dutch word consisting of ‘geur’ which means scent and ‘wolkje’ which means little cloud. So it’s basically called ‘little scent cloud’. How cute!

Aroma diffuser

Geurwolkje’s devices are best known as aroma diffusers, which is ultimately their main function. You fill them with water, which gets turned into mist by tiny frequent vibrations inside the device. The mist gets released from the hole on top of the diffuser and spreads moisture through your room.

To make things better, by adding a few drops of essential oil, you can transform your Geurwolkje into an aromatherapy device. This way you can make your house smell wonderfully, get rid of unwanted scents and control your own mood or mindset, depending on the oil.

Interested in aromatherapy using essential oils? Check out: Aromatherapy: ‘Geurwolkje’ essential oils

Essential oil basically means that the oil is a plant-based, ethereal oil which contains the essence of its natural source. Some effects from the use of certain essential oils include relaxation, clearing of a blocked nose, scaring off mosquitoes and improved night’s rest. All good things!

Aroma diffuser and humidifier 'Geurwolkje' blowing mist into the room


As I mentioned before, the diffuser can also simply be used as a humidifier by only adding water. The benefits of some extra moisture in your house are endless! Not only is it good for your own health, it’s also beneficial for your plants and pets.

Just a random example and personal experience – I always wake up with very dry lips, it’s just a thing I’ve learned to accept. But ever since I started using my Geurwolkje diffuser at night, my lips have gotten a lot better!

Calming noise

This might not even be intended, but I personally find the sound of this diffuser very calming. And my boyfriend agrees! Like I said, I always use it at night (when I fill it with water all the way to the top line, it goes on for about 8 hours, so that’s perfect for overnight use!) and the subtle noise it makes helps us sleep. It’s some sort of zooming sound with the occasional water drop sound.

Enjoying me time with a 'Geurwolkje' aroma diffuser giving off relaxing scents

Atmospheric light

The light switch is optional, as in you don’t need to use it in order to turn on the diffuser. Personally I only use it in the evening (it’s a little too bright of a night light as we like complete darkness), but it’s a really nice feature! Geurwolkje has a big assortment of different diffusers and every one of them has a different part that lights up. The model I chose (Unity, light wood) has a narrow strip of light around the lower part of the diffuser. I really like how subtle it is! You can set it to a colour of choice. Or if you can’t decide you can choose the rainbow effect that gradually changes colours.


I am a huge fan of these aroma diffusers and as I am currently working from home it goes everywhere with me! I take it upstairs at night and downstairs in the morning. It’s basically become my cute little shadow. And I’m okay with that!

Love always,

Mist coming out of the 'Geurwolkje' humidifier

The product in this post was gifted. The opinions are my own.

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