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Aromatherapy: ‘Geurwolkje’ essential oils

Aromatherapy: ‘Geurwolkje’ essential oils

You know what? Therapy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s actually a great thing that helps guide you through situations and leaves you stronger. There’s so many different types of therapy, but my favourite kind is by far aromatherapy.

(Well, besides retail therapy.. but let’s not go there).

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is something you can easily do at home. It influences your mood and calms the mind, amongst other things. I like to do it on a daily basis and it doesn’t even cost me any time or effort.

How? Let’s get into what aromatherapy is and how you can add it to your routine.

By practicing aromatherapy, you are basically using your own natural sense of smell to calm your mind and reconnect with yourself. The smell of essential oils will do the trick.

I like to use my ‘Geurwolkje’ aroma diffuser to spread the scent of essential oils. It’s super quick and easy to set up and it goes on for hours while I work or do chores.

More about the aroma diffuser? Check out this Geurwolkje review!

As much as I love a good scented candle, the burning of wax releases toxins which aren’t very beneficial to your health when inhaled on a daily basis. That’s why the use of essential oils is much healthier. These oils are natural and plant-based and thus safe for every day use.

Aromatherapy using an aroma diffuser and essential oils

The benefits of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy comes with many benefits, both emotional and physical. Depending on the kind of oil you use, you might experience:

  • improved concentration
  • improved inspiration
  • improved night rest
  • improved circulation
  • relief of sinus congestion
  • relief of muscular pain
  • release of stress
  • decrease in mosquitoes  (especially when using citrus scents)

My favourite essential oils

I am currently obsessed with three essential oils from the brand ‘Geurwolkje’ in particular. They’re all natural, they come in adorable little bottles and there’s plenty of choice in scents!


As I have been obsessed with the smell of citrus fruits for as long as I can remember, orange is always my first pick when it comes to scents. Something about the fresh smell of oranges just makes me happy. It’s my go-to essential oil for when I am working, as I need a happy mindset to get my creative juices flowing.


Lemon is also citrusy and a great choice in my book. One of the biggest benefits of this oil is the mosquito repellant properties. I mainly use this one in the bedroom a couple of hours before going to sleep, to make sure those boogers stay away.


Cinnamon is arguably a typical fall or winter scent, but I just love it! Sometimes I’m simply craving something more cozy and warm in the living room. I also feel like cinnamon is a scent that makes you feel a bit nostalgic. Great choice for me-time with a good book!

Three essential oils from Geurwolkje: Orange, cinnamon and lemon

In my opinion, aromatherapy is the best way to make your home more relaxing and welcoming, and to make your mind more calm and centered. Have you tried it yet?

Love always,

The product in this post was gifted. The opinions are my own.

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