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Feel productive with this FREE printable habit tracker

Feel productive with this FREE printable habit tracker

I often find myself a bit overwhelmed with responsibilities that seem to come with adult life. I mean, who actually likes adulting? No one, right? To make things a little bit easier and even slightly enjoyable (say what?), I created a handy habit tracker that can be used for literallty anything!

I wanted a format that lets you tick off your daily tasks while giving you a monthly overview at the same time. This way you can easily spot patterns and figure out which days of the week you generally tend to be more productive.


Habit tracker social media


Free printable habit tracker

Initially I made this habit tracker to make life a bit easier and less stressful for myself, but I decided to add it to my website as a free download. This printable habit tracker is a blank template and lets you fill in everything you need own personal use, whether that’s keeping track of chores, work tasks, health, fitness, self care or content planning. It’s a cute template that’s totally up my street with it’s cute pastel peach shades. I hope you like it too!

Download my free printable habit tracker in standard A4 format here:

Download habit tracker A4

Want to save my habit tracker as a pin to your Pinterest? Feel free to pin the image below so you can find it whenever you need it!

free printable habit tracker


How to use this habit tracker

I like to think that this habit tracker is pretty much self-explanatory, but let me just squeeze in a brief how-to. On top of the page you fill in the current month and the category of habits you’re going to track, so you can tell your different trackers apart in case you’re using them for multiple purposes (I myself am using three right now – one for chores, one for fitness and one for content creation. The fact that the template is blank gives you the freedom to use this habit tracker for literally anything!).

Then you fill in the amount of days of the month. I put in one row for the day numbers and one row for the letter of the weekday (m for monday, t for tuesday, etcetera). Lastly you list all the habits you’d like to track that month.

At the end of everyday you sit down to tick off all the tasks you fulfilled that day. You can simply add a little check in every box or get creative and fill in the boxes with symbols or colours of your choice.

At the end of the month you have a clear overview of your habits every day (within said category) and you will be able to spot patterns. Maybe you’ll find that you tend to be more creative on wednesdays, so you can adjust your future planning to that.

Download now:

Download habit tracker A4

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Habit tracker inspiration

Like I mentioned before, this habit tracker gives you the opportunity to track pretty much any kind of habit or activity. Here’s a few ideas for inspirational purposes:

Chores tracker

What a life saver! I always tell myself to do certain things once every 14 days, but it rarely ever happens. This chores tracker helps me keep track of everything because you can see the previous patterns.

Habit tracker chores Habit tracker free download


Workout tracker

A workout tracker is especially nice to make sure you get enough rest in between every workout of the same type. Two leg days in a row is ever a good idea, so I like to make sure there’s at least 2 days of rest or another kind of workout in between. At the end of the month you can evaluate and make choices for the next month – maybe you’d like to spend more time on cardio or yoga next time.

Habit tracker free printable Habit tracker workout


Content creation tracker

Wether you are a professional content creator, an influencer or just someone who likes to spend their spare time on social media – a content creation tracker makes sure you post regularly on all your platforms.

Habit tracker social media


free printable habit tracker pastel

If you decide to use this habit tracker, don’t forget to let me know how it goes and if there’s anything you’re missing! I’d love to see what you guys use it for. Feel free to tag me on Instagram!


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