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Easy and Magical Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas

Easy and Magical Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas

I lovelovelove myself some Harry Potter! And let me tell you – it’s a tough challenge to find the middle ground between wanting to live in a minimalistic home and wanting to collect and surround myself with everything magical. The best solution to this problem is making my bullet journal a bit more magical and whimsical. A bit more Potter-y. So here’s some Harry Potter bullet journal ideas I have added to my daily life.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas

The world of Harry Potter is huge and full of potential for creative crafts. Therefore it wasn’t difficult to come up with these magical bujo ideas and quite frankly there’s way more where they came from! The possibilities are endless with all these magical creatures, objects, spells and themes, so if you want to see more posts like these – let me know in the comments down below!

So here’s my easy and magical Harry Potter bullet journal inspiration!

bertie botts every flavour beans mood tracker

1. Mood tracker: Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

Every Potterhead loved Hogsmeade and it’s famous shops. A fan favourite being Honeydukes, with its massive assortment of magical sweets. ‘Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans’ is a popular wizarding treat that is full of surprises.. quite literally! You might be taking a bite of sweet strawberry flavour orrr.. you might be getting a vomit flavoured bean. Would you take the risk?

With this Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans mood tracker you can colour in a bean for every day, depending on your mood or emotions. You’ll end up with a colourful page full of beans. Let’s hope for lots of good ones.

Alas – ear wax!


hogwarts acceptance letter mood tracker

2. Mood tracker: Hogwarts acceptance letters

I’m 27 years old and I am still waiting for an owl to deliver my Hogwarts letter. No shame.

Live out your fantasy by drawing the famous scene in which Harry gets flooded with letters in the Dursley’s living room. Every day you get to colour one of the envelope’s wax seals in a colour that corresponds with your mood.

Now let’s wait for Harry to finally grab one envelope from the hundreds filling the room. Just one. Come on, Harry..


harry potter potions mood tracker

3. Mood tracker: Potions classroom

Another mood tracker! But this one is potions themed. Shelves full of unique looking bottles, vials, and tubes (get creative!), ready to be filled with mixtures of potions. I decided to decorate my potions classroom mood tracker with some fumes on top, because I can only imagine how smoke-filled and scented this classroom would be.

This mood tracker allows you to brew your own daily potions by pouring in multiple indredients depending on your emotions of the day.

Will one of them turn out to be Felix Felicis?


hogwarts house counter habit tracker


4. Habit / goal tracker: Hogwarts House points counters

My personal favourite! My Hogwarts House points counter habit or goal tracker makes sure I have a nice overview of all the goals I want to reach, gestures I want to make and habits I want to develop.

I write everything down on a seperate list and sort the goals and habits into Hogwarts Houses.

Social, sporty and bold things go into Gryffindor.

Kind, selfless and food-related things go into Hufflepuff.

Creative, educational and selfcare-related things go into Ravenclaw.

And of course Slytherin is the place for everything related to reaching goals, confidence and voicing your opinion.

Every day you get to give yourself a point for everything on the list that you put into action. Performed an act of kindness and worked really hard today? 2 points to Hufflepuff! Learned something new, enjoyed your own company and cleaned up the mess in your room? That’s 3 for Ravenclaw! And so on.

At the end of every month you have a magical overview of how many goals you’ve reached or habits you’ve developed. Maybe you did very well in the Slytherin and Gryffindor categories, but in the progress you totally forgot to make room for some me-time. In that case you might want to focus more on your Ravenclaw goals for next month.

I’m completely fine with a monthly win for Ravenclaw, by the way.


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harry potter bullet journal niffler budget tracker

5. Budget tracker: Niffler

Don’t we all need a budget tracker? I feel ashamed to admit it, but I am quite materialistic and I want everything. And following influencers on social media makes it even worse. But sometimes you just need to focus on your budget and start saving for a specific goal.

This Niffler budget tracker will help you save up for anything. Obviously Nifflers love coins and everything that’s shiny. So this happy fellow here will take care of your savings. Everything goes in his pouch and nothing comes out (I suggest picking him up by the legs and shaking out your coins when you really need them).

Everytime you put some money on your savings account, you can fill in a coin with said amount. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small number! Every little bit counts. Keep filling in coins until you have reached your desired goal!

And don’t let the niffler run off with your savings. Maybe put a lock on your bullet journal when it’s out of sight.


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harry potter bullet journal ideas

How to make a Harry Potter themed bullet journal

In the video below you can watch me create all these easy and magical Harry Potter bullet journal spreads. Trust me, you don’t have to be an amazing artist to be able to spice up your bujo. Just watch me do it!



Do you have a bullet journal? Does it have a specific theme?


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