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Remove your address from Mailchimp Footer & Confirmation

Remove your address from Mailchimp Footer & Confirmation

Building a mailing list is a great way to engage with your audience and possibly even monetize your content. As bloggers, we are told to start building our list early. But what if Mailchimp shows your personal address in the footer of your e-mails AND in the confirmation message that every subscriber gets? We don’t want THAT!

Here’s how to remove it.

E-mail marketing with Mailchimp

I am assuming you are already using Mailchimp and you’ve run unto the same problem I have (that’s how you landed here, right?). But just in case: Mailchimp is a platform for small businesses to build mailing lists and send out group e-mails.

It’s a free platform with premium membership options.

But even if you are using a free service, you obviously want your privacy to be a priority.

Personal mailing address on show

Here’s the problem: you are required to fill in a mailing address when signing up with Mailchimp, and there’s no option to delete these fields later on. People who have a business address or a P.O. box can choose to fill in this information instead, but for everyone who only has a home address to fill in, you don’t really have a choice.

So I recently started building a mailing list and I was fine with filling in my address. But then (luckily) I wanted to test my welcome mail before going live with my mailing list opt in.

I immediately noticed my address was showing in the footer of the e-mail. Not good! So I decided to go back to the content editor to delete the footer and add my own.

What happened next? I did another test run and was disturbed to see that there was a second footer added, below my own. And guess what? My address was mentioned again! Can’t win, can I?

Luckily I found a way around it.

Remove your address from the Mailchimp footer

It’s actually really easy to get rid of it once you know how!

If you open any template or choose to code your own mail, you’ll notice that there’s always this default footer box:

A visual showing the standard code in a Mailchimp footer.

The only thing you need to do is remove this part:

Remove the part that says 'Our Address is' part from the default footer

And you’ll be good! Your address now no longer shows up in the footer of your e-mails.

How to get rid of the second footer

If you’ve only deleted the part I told you to get rid of, there won’t be a second footer. However if you made the same mistake I did the first time, Mailchimp will generate a second footer below your e-mail.

According to the law, every e-mail sent from a mailing list must have an option to update the user’s preferences and unsubscribe. So if you accidentally remove this part of the default footer, Mailchimp will detect the absence of these options and generate a second footer.

Another reason why Mailchimp would choose to show a second footer is when you have a free plan and you delete the Mailchimp logo. You are only allowed to get rid of this logo with a paid plan.

This is what the code for the logo looks like:

The code that shows the Mailchimp logo.

Make sure to leave that piece of code in your footer if you are using a free account. Otherwise there will be a second footer added.


Speaking of mailing lists. Want to sign up for mine?

Remove your address from the confirmation

I thought I had solved the privacy problem by adjusting the footer, but then I realized the confirmation message also lists your e-mail address. Not even in a footer this time, but literally in the main body of the content.

After a Google session I couldn’t seem to find any similar issues, so I think that most people don’t even realize their address is still being shared with their audience through the confirmation mails sent by Mailchimp.

When someone enters their e-mail address to subscribe to your mailing list, they will be sent an e-mail in which they need to click a link to confirm their subscription. When they do this, they will be redirected to a reCAPTCHA followed by a ‘subscription confirmed’ message. This message will also list your contact address, which I will show you how to get rid of.

  1. Log in to your Mailchimp account
  2. Click ‘View lists’
  3. Click the list you want to edit
  4. Go to ‘Signup forms’
  5. Select ‘Form builder’
  6. From the drop down menu, select ‘Confirmation thank you page’. You’ll see this:Showing the 'Confirmation thank you' page code
  7. Remove the part that says *|HTML:LIST_ADDRESS_HTML|*


Now you are good to go and send your e-mails without revealing your home address.

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  1. 29th April 2019 / 2:35 am

    Thanks for this tip. I also work from home and was not happy to see my home adress appear in my e-mails.

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