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How to stay motivated

How to stay motivated

How to stay motivated in all situations

Motivation is something I have always struggled with, but the last few years I have really learned how to manipulate my own mind into staying motivated. It’s not easy, but in the end it’s so worth it!


Change your environment

Motivation is something that comes from within, but I think your surroundings play a part as well. Whatever the thing you want to achieve is – think of what inspires you most and surround yourself with it. Do you want to get fit? Be more active on your blog or create more items for your Etsy store? Pass that audition, get that job or study more effectively? Create a workspace with stimulating vibes that work for you – you can go as colorful or minimalistic as you want! Whatever fuels your creativity most. Change your laptop or phone wallpaper to a motivating quote. Change things in your surroundings that make you feel confident, go shopping for new clothes or get a fresh hair cut! And let’s not forget – play music that brings out the most efficient go-getter in you!


Set subgoals

This is mostly useful when you’re pursuing a long-term dream or ambition. If you know it’ll take you months or even years to achieve this, spare yourself some frustrations and set subgoals. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nobody got that ambitious position in their company from the first day and.. I hate to break it you but.. you won’t have a firm bubble butt after one week of squat sessions (if only!). These things need time, and you need to think of steps you can work towards. Every time you achieve one of these steps, you can treat yourself (you deserved it!) and look forward to the next step!


Spread the word

Tell the people around you about your set goals. If you keep everything to yourself it’ll be easier to give up, whereas when you know that people are aware of what you’re up to, you will want to succeed to prove yourself. Now don’t forget, you are doing this for yourself! But the pressure of wanting to succeed in someone else’s eyes might just be that little push in the right direction that you need to stay motivated and eventually achieve your goals.


Find your ‘why’

I think this is the most important part of motivation. Why do you want to achieve this? What’s in it for you? You might be setting goals for yourself on someone else’s terms – to please your partner, your boss or your family. But you need to find how achieving this specific goal benefits you as a person. What helps is writing down a list of all the pros and cons. Now look at the pros.. are most of them beneficial to you? Great! Are they not? Then you might be setting yourself up to a goal that doesn’t match your personality or beliefs. Let’s stay true to ourselves! Save this list and keep reminding youself of it when you are struggling to stay motivated.


Always keep your goal in mind and like I mentioned before – quotes are very helpful to fuel your motivation. One of the most powerful quotes that I always remind myself of in times of struggle is “in a year’s time you’ll wish you had started today”. Yeah, I know.. You’re welcome.



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