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PANDORA’s spring 2015 collection: Disney Princess

PANDORA’s spring 2015 collection: Disney Princess

PANDORA has launched an amazing Disney Princess collection for spring 2015! I think I’m starting to see a pattern – a lot of companies are collabortating with Disney these days! I’m not complaining at all! Now’s PANDORA’s turn to shine. Shall we take a look?

PANDORA Disney Spring 2015

Guys, I’m so sorry for the overload of Disney themed content appearing lately! (Actually, why am I saying sorry? I post whatever I feel like posting!) But obviously I really coulnd’t skip this one. Ever since I visited a PANDORA store opening a few weeks ago, I have become really interested in PANDORA and everything it has to offer. After seeing what I’m about to show you, I’ve actually become obsessed. They released a Disney collection for spring 2015! Aaaaahh!! I already shared a video featuring this collection on my Facebook page and of course I also pinned it onto my Disney board on Pinterest yesterday, but I wanted to write a blog post as well!

Apparently they also released a Disney collection last year for winter 2014 (how did I not know this before?!), but that one consisted of Minnie and Mickey themed charms only. This new collection is all about Disney Princesses! Is it okay if I do a spontaneous happy dance?!

The only downside to this, is that the PANDORA Disney collection is available at PANDORA stores and Disney parks in the US only.. Really, PANDORA?! Even Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland have been excluded from selling these charms! I’m really unsure why, since Disney is loved worldwide and obviously it pissed off many non-American collectors. Swarovski’s Disney collection is sold worldwide, so why can’t PANDORA do the same? Bummer..

Still, I want to show you the charms! I love them so much!



PANDORA Disney CinderellaCinderella is the most spoiled princess with six (!) charms of her own! Obviously she’s popular right now as the new live action movie of Cinderella was just released. I’m not into Cinderella as a princess that much myself, but the color of this collection is wonderful! I like how they took some elements from the movie, like the glass shoe and the carriage. The charm of Cinderella’s dress is also lovely and I like the fact that they engraved the beautiful line from her signature song in a heart. And look at that gorgeous murano glass one!



PANDORA Disney Frozen Anna ElsaPrincess Anna and Queen Elsa, obviously they included the two most popular Disney gals! Each of them got four charms of their own and one shared charm – the snowflake one. Of course they created a ‘Let it Go’ charm for Elsa and also an icy blue murano glass one to represent her ice powers (notice the little snowflakes?). Anna got a deep pink one, similar to the color of her cape. My personal favorites out of these are Anna and Elsa’s dresses. So unique!



PANDORA Disney Ariel Little MermaidI think this is my favorite collection. I love that turquoise color in the murano glass charm that represents Ariel. Her crown has a very interesting design and I really like that silver shell with the crystals! It clearly stands for Ariel, but it doesn’t scream ‘Disney Princess’, you know what I mean? Ariel’s dress is also definitely on my wishlist!



PANDORA Disney Belle Beauty and the BeastOf course, Belle’s signature color is yellow! Pretty refreshing, considering the fact that most princesses have blue shades (seriously, scroll up.. everything’s blue!). Belle’s dress is one of the most beautiful ones, in my opinion – so much detailing! The red rose represents the rose that counted down the years of the Beast, as PANDORA explains: “Belle’s Enchanted Rose charm is a symbol from the Disney Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. Depicted in this beautiful charm, the rose symbolizes the search for pure and unselfish love.”



PANDORA Disney Snow WhiteSnow White is my least favorite Princess and I’m not really that much into her dress. The charm is cute, though! The crown looks very similar to Cinderella’s so I personally wouldn’t go for that one, but I do adore the red apple! It adds a great pop of color to your bracelet. The red glittery murano glass charm is also lovely!



PANDORA Disney Snow WhiteI’m kind of disappointed they only gave Tinker Bell two charms! The minty green color you see in the murano glass charm is absolutely gorgeous, so I would’ve liked to see more of that. The heart with Tink in it looks a bit tacky, in my opinion. They could’ve done better! Tink deserves better! ;)



PANDORA Disney Snow WhiteYou can never go wrong with a cute and innocent Winnie the Pooh head smiling at you. It adds a cute twist to your bracelet. The Eeyore charm would be my personal choice! He’s just an adorable character and I like that subtle pink detail in the Eeyore charm!



PANDORA Disney Mickey Minnie MouseA Disney collection wouldn’t be a true Disney collection without some Mickey and Minnie Mouse! I think it’s really cool they made the Mickey and Minnie ears headpieces into charms! I think every girl who has ever visited a Disney park has one of these headpieces, right? I love that safety chain with the crystal Mickey heads!



PANDORA Disney Princess CrownAnd last but nog least, we have a universal Disney Princess crown. It represents all the princesses combined and I think adding this charm to your bracelet will show your love for Disney in an effective yet subtle way. Absolutely stunning!


The collection is available at the American PANDORA webshop (US residents only), in the physical PANDORA stores (located in the US) and the American Disney parks (Disneyland in California & Walt Disney World in Florida). For international buyers, these charms are available at the Disney Store, but the shipping is extremely pricey, so don’t mind me crying in a lonely corner for a while. :( All charms range from $35 to $90 dollars each.

All photos above are from the Disney Store website.


Which one(s) of these charms would you like to have?

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  1. 23rd April 2015 / 10:11 am

    Yes, WHY are you saying sorry? Disney can be one of your niches! ;) And I love to read it about it! These pandoracharms are so cute! I specially love the snowflake and the apple! <3

    • 23rd April 2015 / 10:18 am

      Hahaha, I do feel like it’s becoming one of my niches indeed! Nice to hear you like it though! :)
      Your comments are always so sweet Yvette! <3

  2. marbles
    24th April 2015 / 6:30 pm

    I love disney!! I have a minny mouse charm from the old collection so i would wnt a mickey from this one. When are they sold?

    • 24th April 2015 / 7:03 pm

      Lucky!! I wish I could get my hands on them!
      I believe they are already being sold.

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  4. 16th March 2017 / 7:01 am

    I really like the Pandora Princess collection of charms for Spring. My favorite is the Mickey and Minnie collection and I too like the apple charm.

  5. Karen Marr
    31st December 2017 / 10:17 pm

    Love the Eeyore charm, do you know if it is still available, and if so where from?

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