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The ULTIMATE List Of FREE Disney Fonts

The ULTIMATE List Of FREE Disney Fonts

Sometimes you’re working on a project and you just need the one font to make it perfect. Man, I know the feeling so well. Luckily we can download tons of fonts to add to our creations.

Free Disney movie fonts

As a Disney fan I enjoy creating Disney themed content, so I can’t live without a handful of Disney fonts installed on my Macbook. From the iconic classic Disney fonts to the movie titles, I took the time to search for a huge collection of free downloads. And I am sharing them with you, so you can add them to your creations as well!

How to download a free font

Click the image of the font you wish to get to trigger the download. Open the file to unzip it, which reveals multiple files. Some fonts come with a text file, always read this file before installing a font, so you know what the rules of that specific font are! Then double click the font file (these files usually ends with .ttf or .otf and shows a preview of the font in the icon). Click ‘Install font’, and your font will automatically be installed to your computer. You might have to restart your editing software to load the newly added fonts! Have fun and be creative!

Classic Disney fonts

Let’s start of with a few classics that aren’t bound to a specific movie. These are my personal favourites!


Walt Disney / Waltograph font

walt disney waltograph disney font

Mickey Mouse font

mickey mouse disney font

Minnie Mouse font

minnie mouse disney font


Disney movie fonts

Every Disney movie has its own logo which is written it its own unique font. Some of them are actually really neat! Want to use these fonts for your own creations? I’ve listed some popular ones below! I keep adding new styles to this list, so come back later for more!


Alice in Wonderland font

alice in wonderland disney font

Brother Bear font

brother bear disney font

Christopher Robin font

christopher robin disney font

Coco font

coco disney pixar font

Frozen font

frozen disney font

Inside Out font

inside out disney pixar font

Maleficent font

maleficent disney font

Moana font

moana disney font

Monsters inc font

monsters inc disney pixar font

Pirates of the Caribbean font

pirates of the caribbean disney font

Princess and the Frog font

princess and the frog disney font

Wall-e font

wall-e disney font

Zootopia font

Zootopia free disney font

I will do my best to keep adding Disney fonts to this list, so we will end up with a complete list of all Disney movie fonts. If you are looking for a specific font and you can’t find it in the list above, leave a comment down below and I will prioritize all the requested fonts to be added next.


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