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Ultimate Disney Audition Guide by a Former Cast MemberHere I am, proudly sharing my Disney audition guide. I certainly wouldn’t consider myself royalty, but I am blessed to be able to say that I’ve had lovely royal friends. And quite frankly, I don’t think our friendship will ever end, because these ladies have stolen my heart from day one and I will forever cherish the memories I have made with them. I am, of course, talking about the Disney Princesses I have had the pleasure to befriend in Disneyland Paris. As a former entertainment cast member I am lucky enough to have had several lovely Disney characters I would get to hang out with. But I’m not going to lie: my three royal girls were by far my favourite company.

Tips and experiences from a former Disney Princess

To some people auditioning is a second nature. However for people like me, who have never done a real audition in their life prior to Disney, it might seem a bit intimidating. What do they expect you to do and how do you get yourself to stand out in a room full of people eager to pass? And even if you manage to get on the books in the end, the proces that follows could go along with some stress, tears, frustrations and the occasional panic attack as well. And if, in the end, that coveted contract offer lands in your mailbox.. well, then what?! How do you prepare yourself to move abroad and to which extend does Disney offer you help in the proces? What if you don’t speak the language or know no one at all who’s currently working there? I moved from the Netherlands to France with less than a month’s notice. With no dancing or acting experience at all and without being able to speak a word of French, I lived abroad and worked the dream job for 14 months while also being in a serious relationship back home. So I feel like I am eligible (a tiny bit, at the very least) to write a helpful guide. It’s all written from my personal perspective and every cast member might experience it differently, of course!

Disney audition guide (and what comes after)

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